Entrances and Showroom clean up by removing garbage and recycling, replace liners, move to designated area and clean bins

Thorough cleaning of glass doors and frames inside and out

Door kick plates cleaned daily and polished

Vacuum all walk-off mats, all open areas, and spot clean when necessary

Sanitize telephone handsets, keyboards and clean monitors

Spot clean all showcases, inside windows and partition glass, walls, etc

Sanitize all door handles and light switches

Dust and wipe all other horizontal surfaces, furniture, fixtures, equipment, vents, window sills and televisions

Wipe all window sills

Clean baseboards

Complete high dusting of Light Fixtures/Air Diffusers/Grills/Vents

Sweep and mop hard floors, using a disinfectant

Vacuum under desks including cords

Wipe down, clean and restock coffee station

Sanitize and wipe down kids table and toys at Customer Lounge

Tidy magazines and books

Wipe down coffee station, fridge, and other appliances

Washroom clean up, disinfect and wipe down sinks, toilets and counters, detail clean sinks and around edges

Remove pink mildew around faucets

Polish all stainless steel, sinks and chrome fixtures

Remove splash marks from walls around fixtures

Clean and wipe mirrors to be streak free

Wash/disinfect and polish all partitions

Wipe down all inside and outside of the stalls

Wipe down both sides of each stall doors and sanitize handles, light swtiches

Replenish supplies as necessary

Empty sanitary napkin holder, sanitize, replace bag

Sanitize and wipe down baby changing station, pay attention to edges

Wipe down the outside of the popcorn machine

Reception, Sales Offices, Administration Offices, Office Cubicles, Service desk, Customer Lounge, Lunch Room, Stairs, and Corridors