Detail cleaning of the inside and outside door glass, including side glass and windows to be streak free
Polish as necessary, clean and disinfect door frames and handles
Vacuum all mats
Disinfecting all door handles and light switches
Spot clean all walls, horizontal surfaces removing fingerprints, smudges and stains
Clean and polish threshold plates

Dust and wipe all horizontal surfaces, picture frames, desks, tables, ledges, window sills etc

Clean and damp wipe furniture

Dust and wipe all fixtures and equipment on Greeters Desk
Sanitize desk top and phone on Greeters Desk

Clean baseboards

Complete high dusting including Light Fixtures/Air Diffusers/Grills/Vents

Edge to edge sweep and mop of floors

Dining Area and Lounge spot cleaning

Dusting of all mirrors

Windex the partition between the Lounge and the kitchen, wine humidifier

All wood and ledges wiped

Vacuum under seats of the booths

Dust and clean wood walls, lamp bases, shades and ledges

Sanitize door handles on the wine humidifier

Clean and detail enclosed patio station.

All stainless steel buffed

Bar clean up of foot tile foot rest and wood on customer side of the bar

Counter tops and sinks to be sanitized

Dishwasher wipe down

Dust televisions

Staff Area dust and wiping of horizontal surfaces, picture frames, desks, tables, ledges, window sills and etc

Sanitize and clean outside of lockers

Fully Sweep, vacuum and mop floors

Office Room dusting and wiping horizontal surfaces, picture
frames, desks, tables, ledges, screens, window
sills, shelves etc...

Washrooms to be disinfected and wiped down sinks, toilets and
counters, detail clean sinks and around edges

Polish all stainless steel, sinks and chrome fixtures

Remove splash marks from walls around fixtures

Wash/disinfect and polish all partitions

Wipe down both sides of each door and sanitize the handles

Replenish supplies, toilet paper in each holder, papers towels full

Remove garbage and replace liners

Wipe down garbage cans and buff stainless steel

Corridor clean up from top to bottom

Kitchen clean up and washing of all accessible wall area

Detail clean and sanitize full area of Dish Pit

Wipe down all sides of equipments (fryer freezer, fryer, griddles, grills, ovens and

Pull all hot side equipment and clean back wall, hoses and back of equipment.

Pull all cold side equipment and wipe hoses, electrical cords, wipe sides of equipment.

Detail clean kitchen hood vents as per Executive Chef’s instructions

Clean and wipe out ceiling vents

Thoroughly degrease, mop and clean floors