Front Entrance and Reception Area spot cleaning of the inside and out of the Glass Front Entrance Door.

Spot cleaning of the inside windows in the waiting area

Vacuum all mats in common areas

Spot clean walls and doors including door handles and light switches

Sweep, vacuum and mop floors

Dust and wipe horizontal surfaces, picture frames, desks, chairs, tables, etc.

Wipe telephone handsets with disinfectant

Vacuum under desks including cords

Remove garbage and replace liners

Washroom by spot cleaning walls and doors including light switches and door handles

Remove garbage and replace liners

Sweep, vacuum and mop floors with disinfection solution

Replenish supplies as necessary

Polish all chrome fixtures. Remove splash marks from walls around fixtures

Disinfect and wipe down sinks, toilets and counters

Polish mirrors to be streak free

Coffee Break Area clean up with wipe down of the inside and outside of fridges, microwave, and etc

Wipe down coffee area counters

Ops Rooms and Chairs clean up by wipe down and disinfecting

Dusting computer monitors and key boards

Clean and disinfect sink and fixtures