Spot clean carpets, sweep, vacuum floors

Vacuum all mats in common areas

Spot clean walls and doors, outside and inside

Wipe all Window sills

Mop all floors

Clean all seating in the facility, faux leather, fabric; either wiping or vacuuming depending on furniture finish

Wipe all tables in all areas with germicidal solution

Dust and wipe horizontal surfaces, picture frames, hand rails

Clean and disinfect door handles and switches

Clean stairways and landings

Wash and disinfect water fountains

Clean all glass partitions

Empty, clean all waste receptacles/containers and replace liners

Clean window coverings

High dusting: vents, air diffusers, grills, exposed pipes, lights

Elevator wipe down of surfaces with germicidal solution

All Public, Staff, Private Washrooms and Showers clean up of mirrors

Disinfect and wipe down sinks, faucets, toilets (tanks and bases), showers, plumbing, fixtures, counters and backsplash

Disinfect and deodorize urinals

Clean and polish all chrome and steel fixtures.

Remove splash marks from walls around fixtures

Replenish supplies

Clean and Mop floors with disinfection solution, including corners

High level dusting of air vents, fixtures, air diffusers, grills, exposed pipes, lights, etc

Machine scrub floors

Report any plumbing issues

Fridge clean up and wipe down of inside and outside

Microwave clean up and wipe down of inside and outside

Wipe down coffee area counters

Wipe down kitchen table and chairs

Disinfect telephones, door handles and switches

Meeting Rooms, Computer Lab Areas, Offices, Shelving, Study Carrels and Tables, Fireplace Area, Workroom/Return Sorting Area, Book Drop and Storage Areas, and Janitor’s Room clean up