Remove garbage, replace liners and clean bins
Clean glass doors and door frames inside and out.
Spot clean all partition glass
Door kick plates cleaned and polished
Vacuum all walk-off mats and spot clean
Sanitize all door handles, Light switches and railings
Removing fingerprints, smudges and stains
Spot clean all inside and outside windows and window sills
Dust and wipe all other horizontal surfaces, furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc
Dust ledges, picture frames and moldings
Dust all exposed book shelf surfaces
High dusting of vents, H.VA.C diffuser outlets, tops of doors, televisions etc.
Clean baseboards, edges and display bases
Fully sweep, vacuum and mop floors with disinfection solution
Gymnasium full sweep, vacuum and mop floors with disinfection solution
Offices, Reception, and Computer Room vacuum all carpeted areas
Staff Room wiping down of interior, exterior and top of microwave and appliances
Properly reposition furnitures, sanitize counters, table tops, chairs and stools
Sanitize and wipe dry sink
Clean cupboard doors from all finger marks
Complete high dusting of Light Fixtures/Air Diffusers/Grills/Vents
Wipe down coffee station
Nurses Room, Washroom, Class Room, and Hallway clean ups
Dust mop and spot mop
Remove all cob webs from ceilings and window corners within reach
Replace lights bulbs as needed
Pick up obvious litter in parking lot and school grounds
Power washing
Check and lock all exterior and close all interior doors
Pull blinds down in all rooms
Report any damage or changes to the building