Public Access Areas clean up like Entrances, Stairs, Hallways and Corridors

Detail clean both sides of glass doors, side glass and frames

Polish handles, push bars, kick plates, railings, doors, wood and other surfaces

Vacuum and spot clean mats and all carpeted areas.

Remove garbage and recycling

Clean containers and replace liners

Polish any bright work to enhance shine, brass, table tops both sides and remove residue

Spot clean mirrors, glass partitions, doors, any metal work, walls, doors, hand railings, counters, tables, moldings and any other such surface leaving free of streak marks, smudges, fingerprints and dirt

Dust all horizontal surfaces, tables, lamps, pictures, phone areas, counters, moldings, baseboards, moldlings, and furniture.

Dust, vacuum and spot clean all furniture, fixtures and equipment

Disinfect all door handles and switches

Vacuum or dust upholstery furniture, cushions will be lifted and all leather chairs will be wiped down

Sanitize all telephone receivers, including public phones.

Organize and tidy up pamphlets/reading materials

Complete high dusting including Light Fixtures, Air Diffusers, Grills, Vents, televisions, tops of doors

Dust and wipe baseboards

Wash all doors and frames

Auto scrub hard surface floors

Elevator and Elevator Lobbies clean up and mop hard floor

Sanitize and detail clean key pads

Loading Bay clean up and removal of garbage to compactor

Fitness Center wipe down and and sanitize equipments

Washroom clean up, disinfect and wipe down sinks, toilets and counters, detail clean sinks and around edges

Polish all stainless steel, sink and chrome fixtures

Wipe down and dust both sides of each door and sanitize the handles

Replenish supplies as necessary, ensure two rolls of toilet paper and paper towel

Change sanitary receptacle bags and wash inside

Wipe down garbage cans and buff stainless steel

Dust all u-pipes on a rotating cycle

Wipe down inside and out water dispensers, sink, coffee area, microwave, fridge, and etc

Main and Back Stairs clean up, wipe, sanitize and polish railings

Fully vacuum, sweep, mop and disinfect steps

Pick-up loose debris from planters, ashtrays and sand urns

Kitchen clean up by emptying all waste receptacles, replace liners and remove garage to collection point

Remove loose debris, wipe clean interior of pastry/pizza oven, degrease rinse and polish exterior doors

Remove and clean all racks from convection oven, degrease rinse/wipe, clean interior/exterior

Clean/rinse and wipe dry soup kettles unless full of soup

Soft scrub interior//exterior of the tilting sauce pan using a non-abrasive pad, rinse/wipe dry

Pull all hot side equipment and clean back wall, hoses and back of equipment

Pull all cold side equipment and clean back wall, hoses and back of equipment

Remove burner tops and drip tray from stove. Scrub, clean and replace liner

Remove and clean all racks from ovens, degreaser over interior, protect door gaskets

Degrease, rinse and dry inside of deep fryer after kitchen staff has emptied it

Spot clean walls daily, top to bottom monthly

Collect all soiled kitchen towels and place in designated bins

Clean and dry the inside of all temperature controlled storage drawers and enclosed shelving units

Scrub clean, degrease and wipe dry all stainless-steel counter tops and other exposed surfaces daily and, ventilation hoods

Clean and rinse, dry the meat slicer, mixer and smoker outside only with mild detergent

Machine scrub

Thoroughly degrease, mop and clean floors

Lobbies, Guest Lounge, Bar, Dining Room, Offices Duty Manager, Switchboard, Reservation Area, Room Division, Food and Beverage Office, Business Center, Photo Copy Room, Banquet Office, 2nd floor pantry and Laundry Room clean up

Report all burnt out and defective lighting, all structure or plumbing problems

Maintain daily communication with the managers on site and our online communication system that can be viewed anywhere at anytime

Coordinate upcoming building project work with the Operations Manager in advance