Entrance detail cleaning of both sides of glass doors, side glass and frames

Polish handles, push bars, kick plates, railings, doors, wood and other surfaces

Vacuum mats, lift and clean under

Sweep outside entrance and exit of store

Dust baseboards and window ledges

Complete high dusting including Light Fixtures, Air Diffusers, Grills, Vents, televisions, tops of doors etc

Floors to be buffed

Finished areas to be stripped and refinished

Retail Sales Area clean up, sweep and spot mop entire store including the deli, deep clean

Remove foreign mater adhering to floor surface with scraper

Empty garbage cans, replace liners and wash lids daily, wipe out cans

Customer and Staff Washroom clean up, disinfect and wipe down sinks, toilets and counters, detail clean sinks and around edges

Polish all stainless steel, sink, chrome fixtures, and mirrors

Wash disinfect and polish all partitions

Wipe down and dust all stalls (inside and outside) both sides of each door and sanitize the handles

Replenish all supplies as necessary

Change sanitary receptacle bags and wash inside

Customer Lounge clean up, vacuum or dust upholstery furniture, cushions will be lifted and all leather chairs will be wiped down

Janitorial Area clean up, wash floors and sink

Cleaning products to be kept properly stored and sealed at reasonable levels

Equipment to be kept clean and properly stored, hallways and electrical panes must not be blocked

MSDS charts to be clearly displayed

Shopping carts to be moved and swept underneath